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Funny Stuff

Budweiser Commercial

The swear jar. Especially funny for those who just like to use profanity - like me!

Carl Sagan for Rednecks

As I've told people before, I nearly soiled myself watching this.

Brian Regan

He's my favorite comedian, along with Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld. But, I've seen him live three times, and he just makes me laugh more than anyone else.

Dick in a box

A very funny SNL Digital Short.

Army Recruiting

Yet another hilarious Family Guy piece.

Wax That Ass


Wax That Ass

I have a dream.


Juliet - Wisemen

It turns out Juliet is a James Blunt fan. I heard her sing along with him on this song, and I thought it was good and decided to record it. In the beginning, before the singing starts, she says, "oh no, I have to yawn". Hence, the big sigh before she starts.

P.S. Bones, yes, that's your USA bandana! Also, you'll appreciate the "bend" she does toward the end of the solo. It cracked me up that she did that.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

The first time I saw this video it hit me extremely hard. I found it personal, in touch, and aware. It is one of my all time favorite videos.

U2 - Elevation (Live)

Bono just has a way of capturing the moment. This was performed on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

Michael Jackson - Moonwalks

This is a collection of moonwalks he's done in his performances. So, putting aside all the crap he's now known for, this is just fun to watch.

Beastie Boys - Sabatoge

I wasn't sure if I should put this under music or funny stuff. Love the song, but the video cracks me up!


Argentina v. England

June 22, 1986. It's been called the greatest goal of all World Cups. Arguably, the greatest goal of all time due to the stage it was done on - the most competitive of all soccer tournaments. This goal came just minutes after the most controversial goal of all time, the hand of god goal. The broadcast is of the goal itself is in spanish, and is quite moving when referenced in light of the Falkland War.

Argentina v. Serbia & Montenegro

Argentina have the distinction of owning the greatest goal of all World Cups by an Individual, Diego Maradona, and the greatest goal of all World Cups as a team. There are 25 passes starting at the 19 second portion of the video. This, too, is broadcast in spanish.

Barry Sanders

A collection of some of his greates runs. The music along with it adds that certain drama to it, too.